Red Winter Punch Fruit Tea

The color red is used at Christmas to reflect the holly berries of the season! So why not
drink something red too? Enjoy beautiful red flavours such as hibiscus, red currants and
apple in this sweet and tangy Red Winter Punch Fruit tea. The added vitamin C from the
citrus slices will keep you in tip-top shape ahead of the bustle! The perfect tea for a snowy

Ingredients: Apple bits, grapes, hibiscus, cinnamon, rosehip peels, ginger, liquorice root, flavour, sliced almonds, citrus slices, cardamom fruits, strawberry slices, cloves, red currants, rose petals, peony petals

May contain traces of other nuts.

Dosage: 1-2 heaped tea spoons (per 150 ml)

Brewing time: 8-10 minutes

Brewing Temperature: 100°C

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