Merlin Divination Cards


Uniquely designed by Angelica Necula

Did you know that you could make the impossible, possible?

Everything is energy and energy is in everything!

So each day has its own energy, as well, we just need to tap into that and be more aware and more conscious of it! With a little bit of spiritual daily guidance, we could tap into that energy and help ourselves navigate more consciously through the day! And help is here, given by the divination cards with Merlin!

You can learn more about yourself and how to grow more in life! You can learn how to use and manipulate the energy of the day to be more productive, heal the past and the present, become wiser, even make the impossible possible!

Remember, you are the creator of your life. You can create what you need in life by changing your present reality through transforming your mindset.

How to use the cards:

Step one: Divination cards are sensitive to energies, thoughts, words, touches, intentions. Therefore, you will need to cleanse them every time you are using them. Place them on your non-dominant palm and knock the deck three times. You may also consider burning an incense stick in the room or put a couple of drops of essential oil on both wrists, or ask your Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael to come and assist you in cleansing the cards and the room.

Step two: Hold the cards in between your hands and feel your connection with them. You may place them on your heart, if you feel like it. You may ask Merlin for a perfect energetic connection with the cards. Do not forget to give thanks for the help.

Step three: Now you are ready to think of a question you would like the answer to. Try to stay connected to that energy and choose one or three cards, those to which you feel drawn to. Before you go to the guide book to read the meanings of the cards, please spend a couple of minutes looking at the cards and reading the words on the cards; see what thoughts, ideas, feelings are coming to you. Trust the messages that are coming your way! Do not forget to give thanks at the end! Gratitude goes a long way, in our lives!

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