Juicy Sea Buckthorn – Herbal and Fruit Tea

The sea buckthorn berries are the nutritional stars of this tea!  Sea buckthorn berries are mini nutritional powerhouses – in fact, sea buckthorn berries beat out oranges in their vitamin C content!  Along with other fruit allies like apple, blood orange, pineapple, and rosehip peels, this tea is the perfect remedy for colds and reducing inflammation.

Description: Apple bits, pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar, citric acid (acidifier)), sea buckthorn berries (10 %), balm, lemon verbena, berry leaves (blackberry leaves, black currant leaves), rosehip peels, blood orange slices, lemon grass, apple slices, hibiscus, sunflower petals, safflower petals, marigold petals

Dosage: 2 heaped tea spoons (per 150 ml)

Brewing time: 8-10 minutes

Brewing Temperature: 100°C

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