I Feel Awake – Spiced Black Tea

Feel awake all day with our I Feel Awake Spiced black tea!  Made with a mix of black and herbal (rooibos) tea, this tea offers you the kick you’re looking for in caffeine, but in reduced amounts.  The addition of chicory root is sure to relieve any constipation and keeps you regular – which is one of the BEST ways to combat fatigue.  An extra boost from the guarana seed as a stimulant, will reduce any mental and physical fatigue that your average day brings you.

Ingredients: Rooibos tea, black tea (20 %), cocoa kernels, carob bits, ginger, cinnamon, chicory root, ginger bits (ginger, sugar), natural flavour, guarana seed (1%), cornflower petals

Dosage: 1 heaped tea spoon (per 150 ml)

Brewing time: 5 minutes

Brewing Temperature: 100°C

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