Bath Bomb


Want to give your love something different from the usual chocolates and roses?  Make Valentine’s Day last longer for the one you love with these beautiful bath bombs.   Fall in love with the beautiful aromas of Lavender, Acai Berry, Perky Pineapple and Pink Lemonade, and frolic in foams of color as they melt to soften and transform your bath water into a playground.


Lavender – highly aromatic fragrance of lavender, its aroma is famous for easing anxiety. The perfect way to end your day.

Acai Berry – enjoy the unique tropical scent and purple hues of Acai berry in this luscious bath bomb.

Perky Pineapple – fruity and tangy, this perfectly light bath bomb is sure to lift your spirits!

Pink Lemonade – reminiscent of summer days, this citrusy bath bomb melts into pinks and leaves you feeling uplifted and young.

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