Heel care cream with Bambus

Product only available by special order - will arrive within 4-6 weeks


A very common problem, cracked skin heels can turn easily from an aesthetic issue into a health problem, which can cause discomfort and pain. In order to avoid this, the Farmec Foot Care Cream was specially developed to improve the condition and remove the corny thickening of the heels and soles, regiving to the heels their fine appearance, smooth and without cracks.

Designed for heels and soft soles, this cream is rich in active substances and should be applied daily.
Glycolic Acid removes keratinized dead cells (hard skin).
Vitamin A fights the drying tendencies of the skin and helps epithelizing superficial wounds, especially cracks. Glycerine provides longer term hydration, while the Bamboo Extract, due to its flavonoids, soothes tired feet.

Use daily, after shower.