Andybela is a boutique grocer offering convenience for busy people. We are your reliable place to shop for gourmet food and teas, made to order prepared meals, cooking classes and gifts.

Although once known solely as the place to find Romanian nostalgic foods and treats (we still offer this!); Andybela focusses on diverse healthy, delicious food options including unique experiences for those with an adventurous palate. We also provide fantastic gifting ideas and a whole line of unique, healthy teas for your pleasure. Healthy living and community are at the core of our values.

What we offer:

·      High quality gourmet groceries

·      Order to go meal preparation

·      Your favourite teas as well as unique blends of teas

·      Healthy lifestyles products, such as essential oils and supplements

·      Educational classes and courses

·      Local produce (seasonal)

·      Resources for all your health questions

·      Gifting options: tea accessories, soaps, gift sets

·      Healthy gourmet recipes

·      Knowledgeable staff & excellent customer service

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